Healthcare provider
Aeos uses a non-profit policy for Swedish healthcare providers by offering direct procurement deals 15% off the Region Skåne´s pricelist for university healthcare services, others on ordinary business terms (within the EU based on the Directive No. 2011/24/EU, abroad on request).

As patient
We would like to help You in anyway we can, and there are several options!

If you are a Swedish residence*, and seek guaranteed near future surgery, we strongly suggest that you contact your home clinic and ask whether the kind of procedure you need may be suitable for a direct procurement deal with us.

If an EU citizen, you are entitled free provision of healthcare services throughout the European Union via the Directive No. 2011/24/EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (which in short means that we can arrange the surgery you need at either of our partner hospitals on both sides of the Oresund, for you free of charge, depending somewhat on your residency status).

You can of course also use a private medical insurance or pay privately.

*If you believe that you may need a more “ordinary” joint replacement surgery, caused by primary osteoarthritis, please turn to for a consultation (where complete continuity in the healthcare of your condition is guaranteed, including potential surgery at a time of your convenience).

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